Xpera’s platform combines Enterprise grade cloud managed WiFi access points with built in (or standalone) virtualised Bluetooth beacons.

This platform gives organisations all the benefits of traditional iBeacon deployments without the overhead that comes with moving adding and changing legacy iBeacons.

Traditionally when iBeacons have needed battery changes, failed units have needed replacing, or iBeacons have needed to move in line with products or points of interest that have moved then human intervention was required on site to physically attend to each iBeacon.

Such interventions are time consuming and slow to deploy especially in certain environments, such as retail, where the physical asset could cross multiple stores and territories.

Now with centrally cloud managed, battery free (POE – Power Over Ethernet) access points and vBLE virtualised beacons, once the physical installation is complete no physical human interventions are needed. Additional virtual beacon points or changed beacons can be centrally controlled, giving ease of management and deployment and giving the inherent time and cost savings.

Once the deployment is complete the virtualised Beacon estate will support the interaction between mobile user and the contextualised product or service, be that Proximity Marketing, Wayfinding and Navigation. Organisations are able to contextualise a mobile user in a physical space which is shared by a product or point of interest. Students, Employees, Customers, Patients, Visitors and Guests can be identified and messages can be personalised based on previous behaviours. Notifications, discounts, promotions and further relevant content can be pushed to give a tailored experience unique to each individual.

High accuracy location and indoor navigation enable users to easily locate products, areas or resources from goods they want to purchase to services they want to use.

Zone-based user analytics are collected, enabling organisations visibility on how many people entered specific areas, how many customers may have passed them by, as well as the time and behaviour of each customer based on which areas they visited, how much time they spent in each and therefore what products they showed an interest in.

Intelligent Next Generation Wireless

The platform also brings intelligence to wireless networking, replacing reactive and manual networking troubleshooting with smart automated wireless operations.

Through automation problems are detected before your customers experience them, maximising the service level offered to your customers, allowing them to focus on value-creating mobility services.

The solution incorporates an analytics and correlation engine that uses machine learning to collect RF statistics from all users and correlate events for root cause identification and remedial action.

With real-time RF dashboards users’ quality of experience are easily visualized in real-time, allowing you to verify the severity of a situation prior to allocating expensive time/resources to it. Compliance monitoring helps you maintain the level of service your customers expect. Service level expectation metrics are monitored on a per-user, per-minute basis, so you’ll know when—and why—an individual user’s mobile experience doesn’t meet service level expectations.

With dynamic packet capture, every time an error is detected, the platform automatically takes packet captures and stores them in the cloud for analysis. Expensive network support engineers don’t need to get tied up with site visits to troubleshoot problems and with an advanced network rewind function, you can roll back time to witness what your users’ actually experienced when a wireless event occurred, ensuring quick and detailed analysis as opposed to trying to re-create the problem.