Education phone beacon
  • Wayfinding

    Students can navigate your school or campus easier than ever before. Paired with an app you can offer things like guided tours and interactive maps.

  • Location Based Messaging

    Provide students with targeted information triggered by location. Can be used for a variety of content, coupons, discounts and location specific promotions around your campus such as stores, restaurants and cafes. Also used for enhanced information for location-based event notifications.

  • Access Control and Attendance

    Utilise Beacons for access control and replace badges and badge readers. Beacons make it possible for schools to automatically take attendance and allow students to automatically check in at events.

  • Learning Zones

    Introduce contextually aware areas to deliver customized content to their students when they are in these specific areas of the classroom, or create learning zones within each classroom.

  • Extending the Classroom

    Take the classroom to new places and use beacons to interact with different landmarks and other physical objects turning everything and anything into a learning experience.

  • Classroom Material

    Beacons offer enhanced communication between students and faculty – teachers can provide students with specific classroom materials such as notes, deadlines, and assignment schedules.

  • MDM

    Pairing beacons with an MDM solution allows schools to restrict access simply based on when the teacher enters the classroom. This could trigger an action that changes the level of access students have on their devices.

  • Student Tracking

    Beacons can allow teachers and school administrators to track the whereabouts of students.  There are obvious advantages in the event of an emergency and an evacuation to be able to track each student or even inform of emergency exits and muster points.

  • Location Analytics

    Beacons linked with applications allow schools to monitor traffic patterns of their students and staff. Utilising this data schools can create a more efficient campus experience, examine and improve campus movements, track and enhance popular areas and redevelop/improve less popular areas.